EMK INTERNATIONAL is the very first company in Korea specializing in contents distribution, and introducing numerous productions such as <Hamlet>, <Three Musketeers>, <Jack the Ripper> ,<Mozart!> ,<Monte Cristo>, <The Last Kiss; Rudolf>, <Rebecca>, <Elisabeth>, <Marie Antoinette>, <Phantom>, <Mata Hari>, <The Man Who Laughs>, and <Xcalibur> to the industry.
In 2010, beginning with <Mozart!>, we started distributing European musical contents including <Elisabeth>, <Rebecca>, <Monte Cristo>, professionally for the first time in Korea and are continually building up record-breaking successes. From 2012, EMK INTERNATIONAL has been determined to reach out its business to the global market and has succeeded in overseas distribution of the musical <Hamlet> and our first original masterpiece <Mata Hari>, which was successfully introduced among Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. Also, our second original production which was based on Victor Hugo’s novel, <The Man Who Laughs>, was launched in July 2018. And later in the same year, <The Man Who Laughs> won numerous awards in various musical awards and honored by the grand prize. EMK International’s active promotion of this production is sparking an enormous interest among overseas theaters including Asia, America, and Europe since the planning stage and even prior to its premiere in Seoul, Japan’s no.1 production corporation, TOHO, decided to perform <The Man Who Laughs> in Japan in 2019. Notably, EMK International gained worldwide production license to distribute <Monte Cristo>, a compact dramatic production based on Alexandre Dumas’ novel, despite among highly competitive foreign producers. Upon this huge accomplishment, we have the ambition to expand markets beyond Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. And we are thrilled to announce that our 3rd creative production titled as <Xcalibur>, which is about the mysterious sword that can only be drawn by the real hero, is coming soon in June 2019. This is based on the most famous British legend ‘King Arthur’s story’, which has already been dramatized by many writers. After competing with many European productions, it is decided to re-created by EMK as the creative musical production of Korea.
Our business is not simply limited to the production distribution but also extended to various contents management like EMK musical screening event for Korean musical fans abroad, in order to reform its business structure as art & cultural contents management and distribution among domestic and international markets.
Through open communication and with our business purpose of maximizing customer value, we lead the new business trend in Korea’s live performance industry. Also, with our own marketing plan and distribution experiences, which have been developed through a long period, we will maintain and exert our great insight while making decisions upon great masterpieces to provide the most differentiated services to the audiences.
CEO, Sophy Kim

3F. ujin bldg. 6, jahamun-ro 4-gil, jongno-gu, seoul, korea
tel +82 02 3691-6333 fax +82 02 6391 6331 mail emkinternational@emkm.co.kr